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The Advanced Materials Initiative is dedicated to promoting and facilitating materials research at Arizona State University.  There are over 75 academic faculty members whose core research activities are commonly thought of as materials research and engineering and over another 70 faculty members whose research is critically dependent on materials.  These are affiliated with more than nine academic schools and more than four pan-university, research institutes and initiatives.

AMI focuses on common themes that serve the grand missions of the university related to health, energy, sustainability, space exploration, and security.  In this regard, it has either created or affiliated with broad research initiative associated with the Center for Materials of the Universe and the Global Kaiteki Center of the Global Institute of Sustainability.  It is currently developing multi-PI efforts in quantum materials and radiation and materials.  These take advantage of many of ASU’s existing strengths in electronic materials, flexible electronics, materials surfaces for sensor and catalytic activity, and materials for energy, water and other resource development. 

For additional information on AMI and ASU’s materials research activities, contact AMI director William T. Petuskey.

480-965-5858 (ph)

Administrative Assistant: Christiana Robinette
480-965-7254 (ph)